For my clients who are looking for a graphic detail I love bringing in stripes.  They can be both modern and traditional.  I have used them all over-  in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and powder rooms.  They always pack a punch.  There are plenty of striped wallpapers out there but to create just the right color, width, or texture I turn to my decorative painters.

A project we are currently working on is shown above.  The client has a large loft space and we needed something to spruce up the living room/ dining room area and make the space with such high ceilings feel a bit more special.  Our decorative painter created a beautiful neutral metallic mix for the 5 wide horizontal stripes.  In some light they appear a pearly shade, mid-day to late afternoon they become a bolder shimmering gold, and at night they go back to a neutral accent.  They set off the metal sculptures beautifully.  Stay tuned for more photos as the project progresses.

The above nursery is another current project.  The charcoal rug has pale blue and green details and we painted a fun pale blue circus tent stripe on the walls.

Vertical Stripes:

Bold black and white stripes and a black and white Carlton Varney runner create an entrance you won’t soon forget.

Ashley Branca uses a cherry red stripe all over the room above.  The black molding adds a modern twist.

I love this happy yellow and white striped bathroom.  The awkward angle of the ceiling gave them an opportunity to create a canvas effect.

Horizontal Stripes:

Amanda Nisbet keeps it neutral and classic but the thin horizontal stripes add a modern elegance to the small space.  Remember, even a small nook in your home is an opportunity for fun.

Mary McDonald sets of the neutral furniture and sisal rug with punch high gloss stripes.

Miles Redd brings a modern vibe into this living space in florida.  With views of the water it is nice to keep your eyes on the landscape outside.  he plays this up with aqua stripes and an interesting valance.

Stripes can go anywhere…Eric Cohler brings them into the shower with a striped pattern in the tile.  It doesn’t get cooler than this.

An otherwise neutral nursery gets a pop of fun… on the ceiling with bold yellow stripes.  Fun for your baby to look up at!



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