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Made Goods launches new items!

One of our favorite companies has just introduced 60 new styles of mirrors, accent furniture, chandeliers, and objects. I will be seeing them in person soon at the New York Gift Show. Can’t wait!

Blake mirror: Now is white! Crafted from crushed Kabibi shells.  The shell is hand cut and molded in a soft, ruffled, round design.

Dawn mirror: Inspired by a beautiful vintage necklace, thin metal rods wrap a central mirror and terminate with a slight flare. This is a personal favorite.

Diana mirror: An updated version of a Venetian style mirror. A large round mirror framed with an antique mirror border that has back etched circles and floral motif overlays.

Fiona mirror: A geometric floral motif with a narrow border in three different materials ( bone, metal, and mirror).

Tavis mirror: A zebraesque pattern in black and white created with shells.

Anna: New colors for the faux shagreen boxes accented with ceramic shell handles.

Elmas: cream and brown patterned bone tray

Gala: Carved bone boxes with an oval shape

Lila: Hand painted silk panels with a floral motif.

Ines chair: Traditional Rajasthan bone inlay updated with a simplified pattern, fresh colors, and a quality linen seat cover.  Perfect for a desk or dining chair.

Henry:  Made with over 100 bead drops and finished with two types of circular discs: luminous mother of pearl and translucent capis.  Finished with antique gold metal detailing. Very glam.

Silvana: A classic empire chandelier is made fresh and airy through the use of pure white shells. An antiqued silver frame reinforces the casual vintage vibe

Many Made Goods products are available through Mecox Gardens ( www.mecoxgardens.com ) or contact us for pricing and availability.



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NYIGF Report: Made Goods Mirrors

Looking for the perfect mirror? Made Goods has so many to choose from. They introduced a group of 24 objects to their collection this year. Their chandeliers and accent furniture are beautiful as well.

Red Coral: Giselle mirror: This looks like real coral! Made in red or white this mirror brings a fun organic feeling to any room

Oval shell mirror: Coco mirror: Leaf coral was the inspiration for this piece. A thin silver or gold tip can be applied for a more sophisticated finish.

Round: Venus mirror: Feminine, modern, organic, and glamorous

Blake: The shape has a soft ruffled edge and the young pen is reminiscent or tortoise shell. The color variation makes this a dramatic piece.

Jayson: Cut capiz shell in gold and black shades to form a beautiful piece with a 1970s vibe.

Killian: Natural Capiz shell is cut and shaded to form a classic, interlocking motif. Very Glam.

Sidney: Classic thin frame in a young pen finish.

Claude: The faux shagree covered trapezoids are applied in a familiar yet modern shape.

Sabine: A wide doomed border surrounds the mirror. Available in cool grey, pale blue, and muted pink.

Edith: A palladian shaped mirror available in cool grey or pale blue. I would love this to hang above my vanity.

Anaut: Inspired from an ancient indian technique. Originally used on ceilings to reflect and refract light into larger rooms, it works equally well now as a modern design element. Small slightly domed circles of mirror in varying sizes create a fly’s eye image. This would be fun at the end of a hall.

Gorka: A dramatic wooden frame is covered in silver or gold metal. This reminds me of a peacocks tail. It is like a fabulous piece of jewelry for your wall.

Look at their website to see all of their products:


Email me for ordering information.



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