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You can’t judge a book….but you can judge a house!

We have been taught not to judge a book by its cover… (“I Married Adventure” by Ola Johnson is an example to that rule) but buyers know within 8 seconds if they are interested in a house by it’s exterior. I am surrounded by beautiful town houses in the west village and I fantasize about the interiors of all of them. When I spy a particularly dashing door, large potted boxwoods, or bursting flower boxes I am sent into overdrive. If they are focusing on the details of the exterior just imagine what the interior must look like!! Let your imaginations run wild with all the beautiful images below. These are my favorite doors of the West Village.

Wooden Doors: There is something so warm and homey about these distressed wooden doors. Without a fresh coat of paint to hide their history their beautiful flaws are on display. The stain is worn where hands have pushed and pulled over the years.

Simple federal style details

Federal style details

Greek Revival style ionic columns flank the door

This is an example of the carved floral detail that is found on several doors in the west village.

The above two images are of new wooden doors with the carved floral details. Give them a hundred years and they will look just like the door above.

Painted Doors: A fresh coat of red or blue high gloss paint on the front door gives your visitor an unexpected treat.

The above lacquered red doors sing out on a cloudy day. It is a burst of happiness with shiny brass kick plates. Like a solider’s coat with brass buttons and black shoes.

Greek Revival style Ionic columns flank the door. The soft french blue door and red brick keep the overall feeling Federal.

This home exemplifies the transition between the Federal style ( windows) and the Greek Revival style (Ionic columns flank the door). The black painted door looks sharpe against the red brick.

Stylish greek revival details. I love the carved scallop detail above the door- very unique.

Styled to The Nines:

Late Grrek Revival style with disengaged Doric columns

Glossy black doors, glossy black planters, and spiral topiaries give this house a very sophisticated air.

Window Boxes:

I love the soft limestone color of this house with the black iron grills, windows, and flower boxes. The green boxwoods and ivy, and the red poinsettias really stand out. Just as sharp as the below look from Christian Dior Spring- Summer 2010

The soft wooden color of the flower boxes works well with the faded red brick. these cabbages are huge!



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