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The Bergdorf’s of On-Line Shopping

Hi all,
Thought I would pass this gem of a website on to you. Taigan is a newly launched site that offers the best of the best. You would have to travel far and wide to collect all of the goodies you will find on their site. They have it all – home goods, childrens, gourmet foods and wines, health and beauty, jewelry…. (you get the picture).  Happy Shopping!

Visit the shophttp://www.taigan.com/



Orly Genger- Artist and Jewelry Designer

While at a fundraising event last week I caught up with a classmate of mine from Brown. She is the incredibly talented Orly Genger. Orly creates sculptures and large-scale installations from painted climbing rope. Her work is included in several collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, Hood Museum, and Indianapolis Museum of Art. Wisely, she has branched out into the world of jewelry and her necklaces and bracelets are to die for. She uses the same painted climbing rope to create texture and weight to her jewelry that I find irresistible. Statement pieces at reasonable prices.


Puzzlejuice, 2006
nylon rope with paint dimensions variable

Reg Versus Fans, 2009
Nylon climbing rope with latex paint and fans dimensions variable

Her pieces can be seen in person at the Larissa Goldston Gallery in Chelsea


She has an upcoming show at Mass Moca in April.


Forget the nautical white rope bracelets of your youth. These are totally fabulous!

Kara Bracelet

Maret Bracelet

Alice Necklace

Leonora Necklace

Barbara Necklace

I am having a very difficult time choosing which one I want. They are all so beautiful and unique.

To purchase on line visit: http://www.jaclynmayer.com/collection.html


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