Yellow Fever

As the sunlight changes in New York and the daffodils are some of the first flowers to pop up I have begun to crave yellow.  Most of my clients have rather strong feelings towards yellow. Love or hate.  As with any other color, the shade of yellow is important and while you may hate strong lemon yellows a soft buttery yellow can work as a neutral and you may be surprised to find you love it.

Soft buttery yellow walls:

This is the most pleasing to me. Suggesting happiness without forcing it. In a western facing room a soft buttery yellow will come to life in the late afternoon when the sunsets.  The below shades are both warm and sophisticated.

The above shade of yellow is gorgeous and works well with the faded fabrics and warm woods in the room. The perfect country house sitting room.

Though the above room is quote formal the soft yellow walls make it warm, approachable, and relaxing.

In the above image we are treading into apricot territory but this has a very similar feel to a soft yellow/ cantaloupe wall. I love it paired with neutrals and a dash of plum.

Yellow paired with black:

Quite an arresting combination. It takes the sweet softness out of the yellow and gives it an edgy personality.

Soft yellow walls paired with citrus colors below evoke a beachy and energizing vibe.

Full on lemon yellow:

You cannot deny that both rooms have a totally different energy than the rooms above.

Above: Nancy Lancaster’s drawing room by John Fowler,  painted a vivid shade of buttercup yellow had a reputation as one of the most extraordinary rooms in London.

Pops of yellow:

Just a bit of yellow lifts a room.

The above yellow and white silk zebra is one of my favorite fabrics and we just used it in a beach house.

I love the yellow leather dining chairs- unexpected, practical, and fun.